Deep Dive Dreaming: Dreamwork through Action and Ritual

The more we work with our dreams, the more they work with us. Grounded in dream group work, techniques to support recall, dream incubation, and traditional approaches to dreamwork, dive deeper into your dreams through waking action and ritual.

Dreamwork as Spiritual & Healing Practice for BIPOC

As the nights grow longer, let us turn inward to replenish and drink from the starlit well of our dreams. When people of color dream together, we nourish each other and change the world. Like our ancestors before us, we draw upon all our resources to protect and manifest what is precious and sacred. This dream group cultivates our healing path and spiritual growth, activating our highest selves.

Healing Dreams

Next month we are offering a nine-week class called Dreamwork as a Spiritual and Healing Practice. This is a space dedicated to exploring our dream landscapes and sharing dreams with others for personal and collective healing.

Tips to Connect to your Dream Medicine

Our healing gifts and talents are not limited to what we do while we are awake. Every night, each of us has a chance to tune into our dreams and develop our capacity to be a dreamer. Everyone’s dream medicine is unique.

Indigo Som

Indigo Som cross-pollinates her practices of dreamwork, tarot, artmaking, foodmaking, meditation and the Dharma, embracing metaphor as a powerful tool for self-knowledge, healing and transformation.

Luz C. Valverde

Luz C. Valverde is a queer mixed race Xicana indigena raised by Gay and Lesbian parents in the 70’s. She has been active in dream work since 2009, holding space for a community dream circle in her home over the following year’s cycle. She believes the circle – ritual is a profound container for deepening ancestral wisdom, healing inter-generational trauma and receiving guidance.