Interview with Ancestral Apothecary founder, Atava Garcia Swiecicki on MINDBODY Radio.  October 18, 2019

Self Care as a Political Act, East Bay Express, August 1, 2018

Indigenous Mind, Remember Who We Are

Much of the vision of Ancestral Apothecary is inspired and informed by my experience in the Indigenous Mind Program.  As the founder of Ancestral Apothecary, I, Atava Garcia Swiecicki, received a graduate degree from  from Naropa University in the Indigenous Mind Program in 2003.  The Indigenous Mind Program focuses on reconnecting to one’s indigenous ancestors, no matter what their cultural or ethnic background.  The program was founded by Dr. Apela Colorado, who also is the founder of the Worldwide Indigenous Science Network.

Heidi Corning, of White Tigress Ancestry, was also a student in the Indigenous Mind Program and created a short film to document the process of the Indigenous Mind students and they reconnected to their ancestral ways of knowing.

Movement Generations’ Earth Skills, Restoring Health, Childbirth and Independence from Industrialized Medicine, 3/4/2012

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