Spring 2022 Classes

  • Black Mystery School

    Black Mystery School is a 5-part series of conversations, lecture and experiential learning among self-identified Black healers across sciences and disciplines. This spring’s offerings build on our energetic and herbal knowledge base, developing intuition and mediumship, tuning ourselves as divine instruments, and honoring our lived experience as sacred ground.

  • Tuning Your Temple

    Tuning Your Temple workshop will explore our inner music and inner lyrics through the sounds of healing we have within ourselves that we all have access to within our bodies, by using breath, sound and music as a healing mechanism to detox our bodies from generational trauma, patriarchy and decolonize our beautiful bodies. We will explore our own ancestral and soul sounds to lift our life force energy and to touch the vibration of our intuition.

  • The Curanderx Toolkit with Atava Garcia Swiecicki + Special Guests

    After a five-year hiatus, Atava is returning to teach this class for the first time on Zoom. This class will include teachings on herbal medicine making, self-limpias, baƱos, and ancestral dreamwork. We will also invite special guest maestrx who are spotlighted in the book to share their specialties and perspectives on curanderismo and healing. This class is centered on BIPOC and QTBIPOC folx but open to people of all backgrounds and genders.