Brenda Salgado

Brenda Salgado is first generation Nicaraguan-American, born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. She founded Nepantla Consulting, where she provides limpias and other healing services, meeting facilitation and workshops, and officiates ceremonies.

Rona Luo, L.Ac

Rona Luo L.Ac. is a second-generation acupuncturist and herbalist dedicated to providing body-positive and trauma-sensitive care at Shift Acupuncture Collective in Oakland and Chinese Hospital SF.

Batul True Heart

Batul True Heart is a two-spirit/queer Native American/Indigenous/Mixed (Yaqui/Panamanian/Spanish) ceremonial healer, prayer person, and medicine maker.

Hadiza-Tu Mohammed

Endowed with the gift of invocation, Hadiza-tu Mohammed was born a child of the vodun. With patralineal roots in the Ancient Bori Tradition of the Hausa Tribe and matralinial roots in the Vodun of Southern Louisiana.

Rae Diamond

Rae Diamond is an astrologer, healer, artist and teacher, whose work is rooted in a deep devotion to the creativity and intelligence of nature.

Indigo Som

Indigo Som cross-pollinates her practices of dreamwork, tarot, artmaking, foodmaking, meditation and the Dharma, embracing metaphor as a powerful tool for self-knowledge, healing and transformation.

Angela Angel

Angela Basbas Angel is a traditional (Bontoc and Ibaloi tribes- Igorot, Philippines) and holistic healing practitioner, medium/channeler and ceremonialist.

Tanya Henderson

Tanya has been working in the field of health and healing as an herbalist and nutritionist for an aggregate of 11 years.

Rylan Sían

Rylan is a clinical herbalist and the founder of North Wind Apothecary in San Francisco. He comes from a long line of strong Southern women, pagans, social justice workers, and healers.

Marisol Castillo

Marisol Castillo is of Salvadoran decent, raised in New Jersey, who has lived in California for the last 15 years. She recently received her Master’s Degree in East West Psychology primary focused on eco therapy and indigenous ways of knowing. Her passion lies in her ability to teach, to write and to artfully create a space that brings people from diverse backgrounds together for transformative and self-empowering practices.