Abi Huff

Abi Huff is an ever- evolving community & clinical herbalist, medicine maker, intuitive life strategist, community activist, and overall plant nerd.Her passion lies in connecting people to their inner wisdom, and responsibility to the planet and each other through gratitude for, and relationship with the plant kingdom.

Atava Garcia Swiecicki, MA, RH (AHG)

Atava is the founder of Ancestral Apothecary.
She is dedicated to remembering and honoring the healing traditions of her ancestors and also to creating spaces to support others to also make this connection.

Ayo Ngozi

Ayo is a community herbalist, educator, artist, and historian. She is a believer in ancestral tradition, a documentarian of Black herbal and cultural practices, and a community worker. Trained as a clinician, Ayo is an instructor at community-based herbal schools and conferences, owns a small herbal business (The Creative Root), and runs the Planting Reparations Project, a reparations-based, mutual aid initiative that redistributes plants and healing resources to Black people.

Caro Acuña -Olvera

My body identity is Carolina ” Caro” Acuña -Olvera and I am a Queer Afro Xicana Music Medicine human. Music and sound is my souls medicine, meaning my soul resonates with the vibrations and the nature of sound and music internally and externally. Music and sound are two different things and I have used both for ceremonies with others, in my ceremonies as a death doula and as a daily practice to commune with my ancestors and my true nature. In addition I am a professional musician, music producer, music mentor, composer and arranger. I create soundscapes and collaborate with dancers and other artists engaging in creative projects from recordings to stage productions.

Cera Merrick

Cera Merrick (they/them) is a fourth generation grower of chili peppers, medicine maker, pregnancy loss/abortion doula, and fertility awareness educator. They humbly walk with the plants on the path toward liberation and reproductive autonomy.

Eleanor Barron Druckrey

Eleanor Barron Druckrey (Ellie) has been a student of dreams for most of her life, having kept a dream journal since 1976 when she graduated from Cal Berkeley where she studied US and Latin American History

Elisa Marie Soto

Elisa (she/her) grew up in the vast and beautiful Sonoran Desert and currently resides in the foothills of the Sierras. She is a zine writer, sun bather, medicine maker, and grower of plants. She practices place-based herbalism rooted in ancestral wisdom. Her work is dedicated to helping people and animals ground into their bodies and heal themselves, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. She sees her work with plants as an extension of activism towards social and health justice. 

Geo Edwards

Geo Edwards is an educator and healing artist whose practice encompasses herbalism, urban farming, community acupuncture, and the creative arts. He is creator of Nu Healing Arts Garden, a teaching garden, and owner of Nu Grain & Pestle, an herb apothecary currently based in Maryland that sells value added products and herbal teas, tinctures, extracts, and oil infusions. Beyond his healing arts practice, Geo also maintains a studio art practice and teaches art, creative writing, and literature to homeschoolers internationally. He often facilitates plant walks and workshops on numerous topics related to ecology, the five elements, herb cultivation, self-care, and art therapy.


Accurate, honest, powerful. Those are the words used to describe Ikeoma (ik-E-O-ma) Divine also affectionately known by her peers as “Kiki”. A born medium and empath, Kiki began exhibiting her gifts during childhood. These gifts inherently came from a long line of midwives, herbalists, shamans and nurses. Kiki is a Registered Nurse and Spiritual Counselor who utilizes bones, astrology, tarot, and mediumship as divination tools to help others with their healing process. She has spent over 18 years studying both conventional and alternative methods. Through her business, Ikeoma’s Eye, she provides workshops, advice and insight on love, health, business, and guidance to rediscover one’s life purpose.


With a journey that began as a little girl mixing herbs, clays, & muds on her grandparents’ farm, Lucretia VanDyke (she/her) has been in the industry for over 20 years. A Holistic Educator, Speaker, Herbalist, Sacred Sexologist, Ceremonialist, Spiritual Light Coach, Intuitive Energetic & Reiki Practitioner, Diviner, & world traveler with over 3000 hours of training. She has been a holistic esthetician & practitioner for over a decade focusing on integrating indigenous healing rituals, plant spirit medicine, and meditation into your modern day practices.