Introducing our Cecemmana 3 Graduates!

We’re so proud of our Cecemmana 3 graduates and the beautiful work they’re offering to their communities. Some of them are starting their practices, others are creating product lines, and some are teaching classes. Support your local herbalists — visit their websites, buy their products, book a consultation, and check out their classes!

Remembering Our Roots: An Ancestral Medicine Zine

This has been a dream for three years, to create a platform to share our stories of ancestral medicine and healing from our Cecemmana classes. Last year we received a grant to make this dream come true. Thank you to Kindle Project for the seed money. Thank you to Tatille and Danielle for doing the work to make it happen. Gracias Elisa for the cover art and all our students who contributed! Remembering Our Roots is a zine inspired by the amazing work of our students. All of the people who have… Read More

Ancestral Apothecary Healing Clinic

Join us for a healing clinic at Ancestral Apothecary to fundraise for our Cecemmana Student of Color Scholarship fund! We’ll be offering herbal consultations, massage, and energy work. Availability for 50 minute and 25 minute sessions. Date: Friday, February 22nd Time: 2pm – 7pm Cost: $75 and up plus cost of herbs for 50 minute herbal consultations; $80 and up for 50 minute massage & energy work sessions; $40 and up for 25 minute massage & energy work sessions Location: Ancestral Apothecary, 3798 Grand Avenue Oakland, CA Contact to book your… Read More

My love poem to plants

Dear beloved plant friends,
Thank you
For your unconditional love
For always sharing with me
For always offering your support
For continuing to help us humans
Even when we’ve forgotten how to respect you.

Help us raise money to support herbalists of color!

Many communities of color are still connected to their traditional herbal knowledge, although people of color are still unequally represented in herb school classrooms. We launched this fundraising campaign to provide financial support to our students of color to help cover the cost of their herbal education.

Winter Prayer

Guest blog post by Cecemmana 3 graduate Cathy Fong.


Ten years ago I went through a plastic purging craze and got rid of anything polyester in my closet and all the free tupperwear my grandma has saved over the years for “baon” (Tagalog, take-away food). Something deep in my gut and vibration started to feel energetically and physically irritated by something in the air and something was telling me it had to do with plastic!

Graduation Celebration!

On Wednesday December 12th, eleven students graduated from our third year of Cecemmana.  Most of these students have been part of Cecemmana for the past three years. In this third and final year they received training in clinical herbalism.  They were taught skills for working with clients as herbalists and began to see clients in our supervised herbal clinic. After they graduate many of them will go on to work in their communities as clinical herbalists.

Living Ghosts: Flower Essences for Grieving the End of Connection

Guest student blog post by third year Cecemmana student Sirama Bajo.

Have you ever had the sensation that something, or someone you have let go of, is still hanging around your energy field, your consciousness or your subconscious?

Welcome Refugees!

Guest blog post by third year Cecemmana student Batul True Heart.

 Some local Oakland herbalists, healers, and helpers are gathering and making medicines for the caravan’s arrival. We will be making immune boosting tinctures, nervine tinctures, wound and pain salves.