Living Ghosts: Flower Essences for Grieving the End of Connection

Guest student blog post by third year Cecemmana student Sirama Bajo.

Have you ever had the sensation that something, or someone you have let go of, is still hanging around your energy field, your consciousness or your subconscious?

Welcome Refugees!

Guest blog post by third year Cecemmana student Batul True Heart.

 Some local Oakland herbalists, healers, and helpers are gathering and making medicines for the caravan’s arrival. We will be making immune boosting tinctures, nervine tinctures, wound and pain salves.

To All the Black Women I Love

Guest student post by third year Cecemmana student Tatille Jackson.

As a Black Woman, my healing journey has involved reuniting with pieces of myself that I was meant to turn my back on. With the support of plant, human, fungal, and spiritual comrades, I’ve been able to explore some of my most painful thoughts and beautiful emotions.

Third Annual Planting Seeds Herbal Fair

Join Ancestral Apothecary for our third annual Planting Seeds Herbal Fair this holiday season. Have fun while holiday shopping and support your local herbalists! All of our vendors are students or teachers in our Cecemmana Herbal programs.

The Fifth Season: Herbs for Wildfire Season

Guest student post by third year Cecemanna student Beth Sachnoff. Here in California a fifth season has emerged. As we move from the warm months of summer into the dry winds of autumn we enter what has been the peak time for California wildfires.  In this era marked by extreme drought, years of fire suppression and climate change, fires have raged up and down California and the Pacific Northwest. This year alone, 1,258,880 acres have burned in California[1]. Driving up north to the mountains last month I was met with gray skies and… Read More


Guest student post by Melissa Reyes. Before I sat down to write, I trimmed several roses from the bushes that grow outside of my kitchen window and put them in a small mason jar. I lit a candle and set my intentions.  It is August 5, 2018, 10 months after hurricane Maria ravaged Puerto Rico. Power is slowly rolling back onto the island and communities are self-organizing to rebuild. Though the official death toll continues to be severely underreported, estimates say close to 4,645 people died as a result of the hurricane…. Read More

Herbal Allies, An Introduction to Herbal Medicine, Spring 2019

This class will focus on building our relationship with our herbal allies. Each class will focus in-depth on one or more herbal medicines and we will learn how they work both physically and energetically . We will learn recipes and other ways to incorporate the plants into our lives.

Dreamwork as Spiritual and Healing Practice for People of Color, Spring 2019

When people of color dream together, we flourish. This weekly dream group cultivates our healing path and spiritual growth. Each week we will work creatively with our own dreams and share dreams with one another.  We will build our individual dream practices and develop our skills as a dreaming collective.

Self-Care as a Political Act

“In the East Bay, women of color and queer people are making alternative health-care practices accessible and culturally relevant to their communities — as well as a key part of their activism.”

Herbal Meditations and Magic for Thriving in a Neo-Colonial World

Guest student post by Avani Mody Sunrise: There is an incomparable beauty to sunrise. The time of the gods, as it is described in Ayurvedic traditions. As a child my father told me, walk barefoot on the earth and take in the green grass at sunrise, to strengthen my eyes. The combination of a luscious green and morning sunlight, calmed my eyes and mind. During my recent, formal herbal education, this advice remains in my psyche. The colors, beauty and feel of the plants, indeed calm my mind, and strengthen my vision… Read More