Broom Crafting w/ Bethany Ridenour

In this three hour class you will learn the basics of Broom Craft. We will each make a Cob Web Sweeper like in the picture to take home and use in our own daily cleansing rituals.

Amhran na Draoi: An Introduction to the Magic and Medicine of the Celts, Dec 2019

This is a FUNDRAISER for the scholarship fund for the 2020 Cecemmana Program

In this two-day weekend class, we will journey together through the mystical and medicinal past of the Celtic people, stopping along the way to learn mythology, indigenous spiritual beliefs, plant wisdom, and the basics of unlocking and working with magic from a pan-Celtic lens.

Twelfth Night Italian Folk Medicine

January 5th is Befana’s night. We will celebrate her with story, food, and winter plant medicine.

Understanding Eczema – Treating It With Herbs For the Seasons

In this class, we will go over how and why eczema shows up on the skin, its causes, and how to treat its evolution over the 4 seasons with herbs, prevention, diet, lifestyle, psychology, philosophy and self-love.

Sacred Copal & Limpias: History and hands-on practice

Copal is fundamental within Curanderismo. It is important to understand it when using it. It is the goal of this workshop to introduce you to Copal’s history, how it is used, why it heals and how to use it and keep it. We are going look at the tradition and how it transfers into spiritual cleansing. We will learn step by step how to do a spiritual cleanse.

Corazon Sagrado – Building Sacred Relationship w/ Self & Ancestors for POC & QTPOC

In this 4 week series for POC and QTPOC, you will be guided into creating your own altar, which will be the heart & anchor in developing your own personal practice for connecting with your ancestors & all that is sacred within you.

Matriz Sagrada, Spring 2020

In this class you will be introduced to ancient techniques that will help you connect to and heal your matriz/womb/belly brain.

Not Your Colonizer’s Tea Party (for People of Color)

Come hang out and learn about the magic of medicinal herbal infusions. We will taste, delight in and discuss medicinal teas. The class will be de-centering European/colonial history, and focusing on the healing wisdom, resilience and cultural innovation of people of color.

Tarot, the Divine Fool & Discovering You’re the ONE

During this 3 hour introductory class, we will look at the cohesive narrative hidden in the major arcana and follow the fool as he grows in wisdom and understanding. Eventually the fool realizes he’s the ONE he was seeking all along.

Caring for People at End of Life

How does our care change when we are working with a patient who is facing a life threatening diagnosis? What does healing look like when a person is at end of life? In this workshop we will explore these questions and more.