Summer 2019: Digging Roots – An Introduction to African Medicine

Digging roots is an introductory class into Traditional African herbalism where we journey into the healing power of plant spirit medicine. You will be introduced to the African philosophy and traditions of medicine. We will explore the plants that were commonly used to restore health and balance, discuss the techniques our ancestors used to promote healing, and dive deeper into our connection with our bodies, nature and spirit.

Summer 2019: DIY Organic Green Beauty Products/Makeup

Learn how to custom-make your own organic makeup using tools from the kitchen.

Summer 2019: Caring for Patients Facing Life Threatening Illness

How does our care change when we are working with a patient who is facing a life threatening diagnosis? What does healing look like when a person is at end of life? In this workshop we will explore these questions and more.

Summer 2019: Ancestral Guidance & Wisdom

Ancestral Guidance and Wisdom is a space for people of all ancestral descents to come together in community with the intention to uncover the wisdom and guidance of their lineage. In this class, we will explore our connection to our ancestors, our relationship to the land and the gems hidden within

Summer 2019: Jambalaya – A 4 Week Intensive into Traditional African Medicine

Jambalaya is a 4 part intensive course which will introduce students to the basic principles of Traditional African Medicine. We will journey through time following T.A.M. from the smallest village nestled in the forest to the open expanses of Egypt, and across the Atlantic into the Americas.

Summer 2019: Limpia de Rosas (Rose Healing)

We will talk about the rose, her frequency and the meaning of the flowers you bring. I will do a demonstration and we will have a chance to do a full session on each other.

Summer 2019: Kitchen Remedies: Sauces, Vinegars & Cordials Based on Your Body’s Needs

Join us as we explore fun and delicious ways to bring herbal medicine out of the books and onto our plates. Each class will focus on a special kitchen remedy – sauces, vinegars, and cordials. We’ll discuss the particular benefits of each while highlighting herbs and ingredients that make for especially effective blends.

Herbal Allies, An Introduction to Herbal Medicine, Fall 2019

This class will focus on building our relationship with our herbal allies. Each class will focus in-depth on one or more herbal medicines and we will learn how they work both physically and energetically . We will learn recipes and other ways to incorporate the plants into our lives.

The Curanderx’s Toolkit Fall 2019

Learn healing skills steeped in ancient wisdom to provide basic health care to yourself & your family. This is a two part class with differnt topics covered in the fall and spring series.

Matriz Sagrada, Fall 2019

In this class you will be introduced to ancient techniques that will help you connect to and heal your matriz/womb/belly brain.