Tarot, the Divine Fool & Discovering You’re the ONE

During this 3 hour introductory class, we will look at the cohesive narrative hidden in the major arcana and follow the fool as he grows in wisdom and understanding. Eventually the fool realizes he’s the ONE he was seeking all along.

Matriz Sagrada, Fall 2019

In this class you will be introduced to ancient techniques that will help you connect to and heal your matriz/womb/belly brain.

Dreamwork with Tarot

This weekly dream group cultivates our healing path and spiritual growth, with a special focus on using tarot as a tool in dreamwork. We will work creatively with our own dreams and share dreams with one another, building our individual dream practices and developing our skills and connections as a dreaming collective.

Tarot, the Divine Twin Flame Journey & ME!

The class will include technical as well as intuitive tarot card reading, and we will learn to follow the thread of relatable story that flows through each reading. Students will be encouraged to pair up and practice with each other, to learn their own unique reading style.

Italian Folk Medicine

This is an opportunity for us to join together in community and re-claim, re-connect and re-member our ancestral medicine. We will go over the history and plants that make up some of the folk practices from Italy (mainly Sud Italia and Sicilia) and work with some of the plants.

Amhran na Draoi: An Introduction to the Magic and Medicine of the Celts, Dec 2019

This is a FUNDRAISER for the scholarship fund for the 2020 Cecemmana Program

In this two-day weekend class, we will journey together through the mystical and medicinal past of the Celtic people, stopping along the way to learn mythology, indigenous spiritual beliefs, plant wisdom, and the basics of unlocking and working with magic from a pan-Celtic lens.

Twelfth Night Italian Folk Medicine

January 5th is Befana’s night. We will celebrate her with story, food, and winter plant medicine.

Cecemmana Year 1, 2020

This program is dedicated to planting seeds in our diverse Bay Area communities for future herbalists. This 300 hour training will provide students a solid foundation in the art, science & spirituality of herbal medicine from a multi-cultural perspective.

Herbal Allies, An Introduction to Herbal Medicine, Fall 2019

This class will focus on building our relationship with our herbal allies. Each class will focus in-depth on one or more herbal medicines and we will learn how they work both physically and energetically . We will learn recipes and other ways to incorporate the plants into our lives.

The Curanderx’s Toolkit Fall 2019

Learn healing skills steeped in ancient wisdom to provide basic health care to yourself & your family. This is a two part class with differnt topics covered in the fall and spring series.