Berenice Dimas

Berenice Dimas is a queer xicana, full-spectrum doula, bodyworker, and community healer. Her work is specifically intended to support people of color (poc), queer and trans poc, undocumented youth, undocuqueer, gang impacted/gang affiliated youth, social justice collectives, and community organizers. She aspires to help people regain hope and strength in order for them to continue changing the world. Berenice provides spaces for people to reflect how systemic, familial, and personal experiences/situations impact our wellness and well being. She is also a Reiki Level II practitioner~energy healing worker and facilitates private sessions focusing on re-balancing physical wounds of the body and metaphysical layers of the self. In her private healing sessions, she uses energy healing along with, stone medicine, herbal medicine, massage, and other indigenous practices.

Berenice became a REIKI Level I practitioner in 2010 and Level II practitioner in 2011. She is under the mentorship of Mexican Curandera, and author of Nustra Medicina: de Los Remedios Para El Aire y Los Remedios Para El Alma, Estela Roman. Berenice is also an herbal student of Bay Area based Herbalist Atava Garcia Swiecicki. She has taken classes with her for the last two years and was her Apprentice for the Curandera Toolkit Spring 2014 class. Berenice completed the East Bay Community Birth Support Project Doula Training Program in the bay area Summer 2014. You can learn more about her work by visiting her website

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