Cecemmana 2023

Year One: Fundamentals of Plant Medicine (Hybrid Program)

Ancestral Apothecary school is in transition to new stewardship. We plan to launch the next cycle of Cecemmana in early 2023. Please fill out our Cecemmana interest form to receive an application when it’s available.

Cecemmana is a Nahuatl word that means to sprinkle and plant seeds on the earth. This program is dedicated to planting seeds in our diverse communities for future herbalists. This 250-hour training will provide students a solid foundation in the art, science & spirituality of herbal medicine from a BIPOC & QTBIPOC-centered perspective.

The focus of Cecemmana is to help students build a strong relationship with the plants; and to also support them to develop an intimate and healing relationship with their own bodies. We will cover the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of herbalism and healing. Class time will include lecture, class discussions, and medicine making. In-person time for Bay Area students will include herbal gardening, herb walks, medicine making and small group apprenticeship. Class projects include an herbal first aid kit and researching and presenting a project on ancestral medicine.

For more information, see the detailed class page.


“I can confidently say that joining Cecemmana was one of the best decisions of my life.  My life has been changed by the course and connections I’ve made with the plants, students, teachers and my ancestors.”  – Grethel

“Cecemmana was the highlight of my year. The Cecemmana program is a unique offering in the world of herbal medicine. I am so glad I participated in this program. When I was searching for herbal programs I knew I wanted something that would center the voices and knowledge of BIPOC and Ancestral Apothecary is dedicated to this. The teaching staff is knowledgeable and caring. Not only did I become more connected to plants and their medicine but I created important relationships with my own ancestral medicine and fellow plant people. ” – Asia

“I chose Cecemmana because as a queer person of color, it was important for me that my foundational studies in herbal/plant medicine be reflective of me and the world I want to live in and secure for future generations.  A whole new world has opened up for me, as if it had been waiting for me all along.”  – Pua

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