Herbal Allies, Summer 2022

Herbal Allies: Summer Session with Cera Merrick and Elisa Marie Soto

7 Wednesdays: July 20-August 31

4:00-6:00pm PT, 7:00-9:00pm ET

ONLINE VIA ZOOM, classes will be closed captioned

Classes will be recorded and viewable for one week after each class.

Class cost: $290 + 7.4% NM Sales Tax

Open to all.

Join us for an introduction to herbal medicine based on the summer season, a time of activation, growth, play, and pleasure!

What is an herbal ally? How can you discover your own herbal ally?

An herbal ally is any plant that can support your body, heart, and spirit with its medicine. This class will focus on building your relationship to our herbal allies and learning season-based and practical medicine making skills. We will be sharing herbal recipes, teaching folk medicine making, learning about flower essences and other summertime essentials. Each class we will learn different herbal actions, plant profiles, body systems, and medicine making projects.

There will be an opportunity to deepen your relationship with one plant ally of your choosing. You will be given prompts for during and outside of class time to engage with your plant. This can look like: growing your ally, making a tea or other plant medicines, etc. During our last class you will present your journey with your herbal ally to the class and talk about all you have experienced in your time together.

Topics will include:

  • Introduction and Grounding
  • Defining The Different Types of Herbal Medicines. We will cover Latin names of plants, growing your own medicine and the ethics of wildcrafting.
  • Flower Essences: Learn about the magical and healing world of flower essences! In class we will teach you to make your own flower essences and how to use them to support your physical and emotional health.
  • Digestive Health. We will cover herbal remedies for gut wellness.
  • Respiratory Health: Learn how herbal medicine can help us take care of our lungs and respiratory tract. We will cover herbal remedies to support our respiratory system during fire season.
  • Nervous System Support: Learn how to strengthen and bring balance to our nervous system with adaptogenic and nervine herbs.
  • Herbal Allies Presentations

This class will be taught online via Zoom. Medicine making will be modeled by the teachers live in class; students will be encouraged to practice at home. Materials not provided, but we intentionally choose projects that can be easily done in a kitchen, with herbs and materials that are easy to find. This space welcomes those with or without experience in herbalism and medicine making. Come learn with us!

Questions or support: ceramerrick@gmail.com

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