Abi Huff

Abi Huff is an ever- evolving community & clinical herbalist, medicine maker, intuitive life strategist, community activist, and overall plant nerd.

Her passion lies in connecting people to their inner wisdom, and responsibility to the planet and each other through gratitude for, and relationship with the plant kingdom. Acknowledging our ancestral connection to the medicinal, spiritual, and cultural uses of plants is, in her vision, the foundation to understanding plants as medicine and inspires a deeper connection to the magic of our amazing planet.

Abi’s work is rooted in  in radical resilience and self care, celebration of our ancestral bloodlines, and herbalism as an act of reclamation, ancestral healing, and community activism. Abi has been seriously holding plant medicine for over a decade. She has been blessed to be mentored by many Master Herbalists who are honored and beloved Elders.

She currently runs The Stinging Nettle, a small clinical practice and apothecary where she is the primary medicine maker and clinician. In all her work, she is committed to sharing and learning with the greater community

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