Tuning Your Temple

Tuning Your Temple with Caro Acuña-Olvera


4-5:30p PT | 7-8:30p ET


online via Zoom, open to all

Tuning Your Temple workshop will explore our inner music and inner lyrics through the sounds of healing we have within ourselves that we all have access to within our bodies, by using breath, sound and music as a healing mechanism to detox our bodies from generational trauma, patriarchy and decolonize our beautiful bodies. We will explore our own ancestral and soul sounds to lift our life force energy and to touch the vibration of our intuition.

Together we will be exploring sound and music vibration of our true nature and by doing so, touching our cells, our organs and our body water. Igniting our inner sounds and music will allow us to commune with our ancestors, with ourselves as nature and the cosmos. We will engage in conversations about how to be in tune and in harmony. We will understand the difference between sound and music externally and internally. We will be approaching this from a more ancient perspective, so one does not need to know how to read or write music, oral tradition is the way in this workshop.

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