The Mystical Path of the Cura: Dreams and Destiny Revealed

The Mystical Path of the Cura: Dreams and Destiny Revealed with Eleanor Barron-Druckrey

2 Fridays 6:30-9:00pm, September 24 + October 1


2 Saturdays 10a-12pm, Sept 25 + October 2

Online, $186

Register by Sept 22

Open to all

Closed captioning will be provided. Class recordings will also be available for viewing only through October 3

Mesoamerican cultures prior to the arrival of the European,
believed that the dream state was our natural home, and life on
earth was the dream. In this class we will discuss worldviews to
understand their paradigm and explore how their beliefs are
sources of inspiration in the mystical path of transformation today.

We will build a spiritual practice incorporating meditation, journal-keeping, relaxation, and dreams, both waking and sleeping, to understand how the Ancestors facilitate our meeting Destiny: 

 Encounters with Ancestors in our Dreams
 Working with the 13 Aires
 Keeping a Dream Journal
 Techniques for Relaxation and Care of the Body
 Slow Movement Exercises
 Transformation: Living the Dream – Releasing the Ego

The spiritual beliefs of the Past are in line with the practices of
what is considered today the Great Religions of the world. Life is a magical journey. Healing with the 13 Aires will set you on the glorious path of transformation. Your part is to let yourself be guided and surrender to the wisdom

Recommended Reading

Corn Woman Sings: A Medicine Woman’s Dream Map by Eleanor Barron-Druckrey. Contact Eleanor at to purchase a copy

For Spanish Readers: “Nuestra Medicina” by Estela Roman

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