Plants for the Luminaries

Plants for the Luminaries, with Danielle Elaine Benjamin + Khadija Khansia

Saturday, July 31, 2-4p PT / 5-7p ET

$20-40 sliding scale

Open to All

Register by July 30

Class will be recorded and available for download

The Luminaries are the Sun and the Moon – the two brightest lights in our skies. Understood for their spiritual significance in many traditions, their influence on earth and earth’s people are both obvious and subtle. Both our star and la luna give us light in the darkness and pull the tides of the oceans with their gravitational impacts. The womb cycles of menstruating people occur in alignment with the Moon’s cycles, and there is much to learn about our emotional needs and natures from a look at its phase and placement in the sky at the time of your birth. The sun teaches us about our expressive nature, our radiance, and central aspects of our identity.

In this workshop, we’ll talk about the power of the Luminaries, some of the herbs Danielle and Khadija have worked with to bring intention and balance to their relationships with these archetypes, and ways to steward powerful relationships with the plants and the planets.

Plants for the Luminaries is part of Plants for Planets, a series created to support folks to step into conscious relationship with the parts of ourselves, our lives and our world that are energetically connected to the planets. This offering is created and presented by two herbalists who practice and/or study astrology. We welcome all levels of astrological and herbal knowhow.

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