Herbal Allies, An Introduction to Herbal Medicine

Herbal Allies with Rebekah Sze-Tung Olstad, Cera Merrick, Elisa Marie Soto

7 Wednesdays, May 5 – June 16

4:00-6:00pm PT, 7:00-9:00pm ET

ONLINE VIA ZOOM, classes will be closed captioned

Classes will be recorded


Open to all. Maximum 24 students

Register by May 2

In a moment of great transformation, we can turn to the botanical world for inspiration, healing, grounding and resilience. Join us for an immersion into the world of healing with medicinal plants. This class will focus on building our relationship with our herbal allies and learning practical medicine making skills. Each class will cover in-depth one or more herbal medicines and we will learn how they work both physically and energetically. We will learn recipes and other ways to incorporate the plants into our lives. Topics may include immunity, emotional wellbeing and stress, sleep support, digestive support, and tuning into the rhythms of the seasons.

This class will be taught online and may enroll up to 24 participants. Medicine making will be modeled by the teacher; students will be encouraged to practice at home with commonly available herbs and kitchen equipment. Students will receive accessible prompts about how to engage with plants wherever they are based.

This class is open to all people. If you are interested in People of Color only classes, check our other offerings or email us at ancestralapothecaryassistant@gmail.com.

Technical requirements: 

Internet connection sufficient to run Zoom, device with large enough screen to see all group members (computer or large tablet recommended, phone not recommended); computer or tablet with capacity to run Zoom.

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