The Curanderx’s Toolkit

The Curanderx’s Toolkit with: Batul True Heart & Melissa Reyes

For BIPOC of all genders

7 Thursdays: April 1 – May 13

6:00-8:30pm PST

Online via Zoom

COST: $360

Maximum 20 students

Register by March 29

Learn healing skills steeped in ancient wisdom to provide basic health care to yourself & your family. We will highlight herbal medicine, and also incorporate music, meditation, and other aspects of curanderismo to learn how to care for our physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Class time will include demonstrations of how to make herbal medicines, spiritual baths and we will also learn and practice other curanderismo techniques, such as the self-limpia (energetic cleansing ceremony).

Open to all people of all genders.

Class objectives:

  • To honor and keep alive the ancient traditions of our ancestors including curanderismo and other folk and indigenous healing practices.  
  • To teach, learn and practice curanderismo to care for the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health of ourselves, our families and our communities.
  • To train people in beginning herbal medicine so that they may provide basic herbal health care for themselves, their families and communities.
  • To create a supportive space for healing and self-exploration so that each participant may come into and develop their own unique healing gifts.
  • To build a network to support a community of healers.  To work together to create grassroots models of health care for our communities.

Technical requirements: 

  • Internet connection sufficient to run Zoom
  • Device with large enough screen to see all group members (computer or large tablet recommended, phone not recommended)

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