Applying the Toltecayotl (Toltec Philosophy) into the new year with Margarita Camarena

Applying the Toltecayotl (Toltec Philosophy) into the new year with Margarita Camarena

Saturday, January 16, 9a-12pm PT / 12-3pm ET

Online via Zoom. Class will be closed captioned but not recorded

$80 – 120 sliding scale

By donation (what you can) for Black & Indigenous communities

Register by Jan 15

In this workshop we will tale a brief look at the meaning of Toltecayotl and how we can implement it into the fresh year of 2021. Some of the principles we will be working with are creating sacred space by using the directions and the power of ritual and ceremony.

These very important principles and tools will help us bring harmony and creation to a new year. Our Mother Earth is changing and evolving at an incredible rate. It is an understatement to say that 2020 has been a year of great collisions and change. For many of us, it has left us with a constant need to ground, root and expand. 2021 will be a year filled with unpredictability, change and the potential for unlimited creativity. We have to go beyond what we know to create a new Earth; a new life. With my humble experience in healing and energy work, I have noticed that what it is being asked of us is to reconnect with the wisdom of our Ancestors and the knowledge to apply them in the modern world. We are the vertical connection between Heaven and Earth and the horizontal web where we interconnect or interweave with one another. In the very center of our hearts we have the place of connection to no-time/no-place directly to our Ancestors. They are ready and willing to help us bring in the new Earth by adapting new ways into our lives first and become a positive influence to others. I invite you to come join us in finding ways to apply the wisdom of our Ancestors into your daily life to bring in peace, creativity, and connection to spirit. Simultaneously keep your arms open to receive what the universe has been waiting to give you in right timing.

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