Plants as Doorways to Ancestral Consciousness with Atava Garcia Swiecicki

Plants as Doorways to Ancestral Consciousness

Saturday January 30th, 12-3pm PDT / 3-6p ET 

Online via Zoom with Atava Garcia Swiecicki


This class is now full

All proceeds go to the future sustainability of Ancestral Apothecary School

This class will be closed captioned and recorded on Zoom. Closed captioned transcripts will not be available.

Plants are our Ancestors. Not only did we evolve from plants, but all plants exist within the intelligent matrix of Mother Earth and the cosmos. As our elders, plants have much wisdom and guidance to offer. Plants can be incredible allies to support our spiritual evolution as human beings. Plants can also help us reconnect with our own ancestors and remember our own original ancestral medicine. 

In this workshop we will explore our innate connection to the plant world. We will talk about how working with plants from our own ancestral lineages can awaken ancestral memory. We will also learn about special plants (although not entheogens) that help us to connect to our ancestors in both waking and dream states.

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