Intro to Pendulum for Inner Wisdom

Intro to Pendulum for Inner Wisdom Indigo Som

Saturday, January 23

Time: 11a-12pm PST / 2-3p ET

Cost:  By donation. Suggestion $25-50. Donate what you can.

Location: ONLINE VIA ZOOM (Class link will be sent)

Register extended to Jan 22

Learn how to use a pendulum to tune into your inner wisdom. When you want a no-muss, no-fuss clear answer right away, a pendulum is just the thing to choose from your divination toolbox. And there’s a lot more to it: as helpful as decision-making is, the real power of penduluming lies in how it teaches you what “yes”, “no”, and “maybe” feel like within yourself, increasing your psychic sensitivity and self-knowledge.

Bring your pendulum* and have fun trying out different ways of working with it in this benefit class for Ancestral Apothecary School.

*a pendant on a necklace chain also works, if you’re not ready to buy a dedicated pendulum

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