Aires Fuerte

Aires Fuerte with Batul True Heart

7 Tuesdays, September 15 – October 17

6-8:30pm PST

For BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and people of color)

Online via Zoom. Class will be closed captioned but not recorded

$360 for 7 classes

3 full scholarships for Black relatives

There is an application process for this class. 20 students will be accepted. Applications due by: September 1, 2020. Accepted Applicants will be notified by September 8th and full payment will be due on September 8th. See class description below for more information.

In this online course for Black, Indigenous, and people of color we will explore the 13 most difficult emotions that we as humans must learn to face inside ourselves…susto, espanto, fear, anxiety, anger, resentment, sadness, sorrow, jealousy, envy, shame, guilt, and ego. In this 7-week course we’ll explore the Indigenous practice of deep self-awareness and nature-awareness through the study of our own personal aires/emotional winds.

In this course participants will:

•closely identify which heavy emotions we are feeling at this time;
•learn about the physical and spiritual ailments/symptoms these energies can create;
•study the bodily organs these emotions can impact;
•look at how these strong forces can affect our lives and relationships;
•understand why our painful emotions are here and what are they here to teach us?

We will also explore plants, flowers essences, remedios and ceremonias we can build relationship with and turn to for support when the winds within us blow strong. 

This class will cap at 20 people and each person will be selected through an application process. All applicants must attend the entirety of the course (no single class attendance). This class is for folks who are disciplined in their healing and are willing to show up vulnerably in a community care setting. The full price of this course is $360 and there are 3 full scholarships for Black relatives. This 2-3 hour per week class will be taught through the lens of Curanderismo and will be held ceremonially within a container held by Batul True Heart, our collective helpful ancestors, and by the opening and closing of the 7 directions.

Week 1- Susto y Espanto

Week 2- Fear y Anxiety

Week 3- Anger y Resentment

Week 4- Sadness y Sorrow

Week 5- Jealousy y Envy

Week 6- Shame y Guilt

Week 7- Ego

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