Curanderismo & Sacred Spaces

Curanderismo & Sacred Copal with Margarita Camarena

Sat, Aug 15, 10am-1pm PT

Online via Zoom. Class will be closed captioned but not recorded

$70 – 100 sliding scale

By donation (pay if/what you can) for Black & Indigenous communities

Register by August 18

This workshop will cover: Different kinds of sacred spaces. Directions and elements. Medicine wheel as a guide for life Tools and medicines to animate your sacred space Techniques to explore your INNER Sacred Space Techniques to access the Inner sacred space in difficult situations. In this workshop we will cover one of the most important pillars of Curanderismo: Sacred space.

What is sacred space? It means different things to different people. Sacred space can be an actual physical space where people go to be in a sacred state of being. It is a physical space where the individual feels safe to surrender the body and the mental into an intimate connection to the divine. A physical sacred space can also be created in a special space within nature where the elements and living beings of that area speak to the individual establishing a relationship. In creating this sacred physical space, we can seek the aid of crystals, the frequency of flowers, smoke of copal or other incenses, candles, herbs and the different frequencies of medicine songs and musical instruments.

Sacred space also is a state of being. It is that space within ourselves where we go when we need to make a decision or contemplate about life or life events. While it might look like a contemplative and passive state, it is a state of being that organizes the nervous system bringing the emotions, state of mind, and body back into a harmonious balance. While in this sacred space the individual is capable of reaching a very unique connection to source or creator.

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