Curanderismo & Sacred Copal

Curanderismo & Sacred Copal with Margarita Camarena

Sat, Aug 15, 10am-1pm PT

Online via Zoom. Class will be closed captioned but not recorded

$70-100 sliding scale

By donation for Black & Indigenous communities

Register by August 12

In this workshop, we are going to talk about the importance of Copal within Curanderismo. We are also going to look at the different kinds of copal, it’s history, properties and uses. We are going look at the tradition and how it transfers into the spiritual cleansing. We will speak about the importance of the fire while we do this practice.

We will speak about the different types of fires. We will explore our connection to the element fire and find out where we are in relationship to it. If our of balance we will talk about how to bring it into balance within ourselves before working with others. We must attain balance to bring it into our practice and the healing space.

We are going to talk about the tradition of the Popoxcomitl (Nahuatl language) also known as Saumerio (Spanish for in incense burner). We will look at it’s history and how it has evolved through the ages. We will talk about how to prepare it before using it and how to store it and transport it when going out to do ceremonies somewhere outside our healing space.

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