Herbal Allies for Stress and Trauma

Gracias a todxs, thank you to all who joined us for our online class on Herbal Allies for Stress and Trauma. We (Batul and Atava) enjoyed talking about our favorite herbal allies. Plants we covered included chamomile, passionflower, lemon balm, pericón, cempazuchitl, scullcap, CA poppy, lavendar, rose, reishi and ashwaganda.

Plants have always supported the survival and reslience of our ancestors. Our herbal allies can help us to move trauma out of the body; they can help us to release stress and tension; they can help us to heal and harmonize our emotions; they can offer energetic protection; and they can help to call the spirit back into the body when we have experienced susto (fright/shock).

We hope to offer this class again in the future with more time so we can get to all of the plants!

Thank you to everyone who made donations fo this class! All donations for this class goes directly to our Black student schoarship fund. You can still make your donations to: https://www.paypal.me/AncestralApothecary or Venmo @Ancestral_Apothecary. Please write “Black scholarship fund” in the notes.

Photo of cempazuchitl by Batul True Heart

May you continue to feel the support and love from your plant allies.

Photo of roses by Batul True Heart

Here is the link to our slideshow that we used for the class:


Photo of Ashwaghanda by Atava Garcia Swiecicki

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