Herbs for Stress & Trauma with Atava Garcia Swiecicki & Batul True Heart

Friday, June 19

5:00-6:30pm PST

Online via Zoom with Atava Garcia Swiecicki and Batul True Heart

Open to all by Donation, Registration Required

All proceeds will go to the scholarship fund for the black community

This class will be closed captioned

This class will focus on how we can work with herbs to manage stress and support our resilience during difficult and traumatic times.  We will talk about herbs that support the nervous  and immune systems and herbs that to help relieve stress, depression, and anxiety.  We will explore ways to work with herbal medicines including teas, baths, flower essences and limpias (spiritual cleansings).


Register by June 18

When you complete the registration form below, your browser will open up a new window with the Zoom link & password

If you have any questions please contact ancestralapothecaryassistant@gmail.com

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