Summer 2019: Limpia de Rosas (Rose Healing)

Date: Saturday, July 27th

Time: 9am – 5pm (with one hour lunch)

Cost: $190

Teacher: Margarita Camarena

Location: Ancestral Apothecary, 3798 Grand Ave Oakland, CA

Curanderismo is the traditional healing arts of the Americas and has existed for hundreds of years if not thousands. Upon their arrival other cultures came to contribute with their own healing practices making this art of healing rich and diverse. Curanderismo honors all elements, directions, and the natural orders of creation following their guidance and power as a way to restore the original balance and harmony.

Roses have been a powerful symbol representing spirit in matter. In this particular healing practice, the presence of the Virgen of Guadalupe plays an important role. The Virgen of Guadalupe was known as Tonazin by the Aztecs. The representation of earth, birth, life and protection to the Aztecs as they went through the transition into Catholicism. When she appeared to Juan Diego giving him the proof needed to build her church, it was roses she gave them. She is celebrated on December 12th, the day she imprinted her image in Juan Diego’s cloak after he harvested roses that appeared in the mountain. Roses in the month of December in that area are unusual.

There is also a contemporary story of a father who surrendered the life of his child to the Virgen. He brings her roses after pleading her to take his child so he can finally rest from being so ill and go into an eternal dream with her. He uses roses to do an energetic cleanse, and a miracle happens. We will explore the power of the roses and their healing energy.

We will have a chance to talk in depth about her image and the many symbols that she holds. We will also talk about the rose, her frequency and the meaning of the flowers you bring. I will do a demonstration and we will have a chance to do a full session on each other. Please bring a bag or a vase to bring your roses back home with you.

We will look at:

  • The story of the Virgen of Guadalupe
  • The birth of the Rose Healing
  • The healing properties of roses
  • Demonstration of the rose healing Hands-on practice

IMPORTANT: Bring a dozen roses of your the color that most calls to you and a white sheet and a yoga mat or other cushion to place on the ground for comfort.

Please click here to complete the application.

Full payment is required to save your spot in class.

To reserve your spot, please mail deposit to: Ancestral Apothecary, 3798 Grand Ave, Oakland, CA 94610. Alternatively, you may request a paypal invoice (3% finance charge).

*We are not doing payment plans at this time. If the class becomes full- we will add you to the waitlist in the order you submit your application.

Accessibility: The classroom space is located up one flight of stairs. There is an alternate entrance available for folks who need it. Please contact us at the email below with your accessibility needs.

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