Remembering Our Roots: An Ancestral Medicine Zine

This has been a dream for three years, to create a platform to share our stories of ancestral medicine and healing from our Cecemmana classes. Last year we received a grant to make this dream come true.

Thank you to Kindle Project for the seed money. Thank you to Tatille and Danielle for doing the work to make it happen. Gracias Elisa for the cover art and all our students who contributed!

Remembering Our Roots is a zine inspired by the amazing work of our students. All of the people who have contributed to this zine have been students in Cecemmana, the nine month herbal studies program at Ancestral Apothecary.

Atava Garcia Swiecicki

To purchase a hard copy and have it mailed to you please paypal us $15 and include in the notes section: your shipping address + Ancestral Medicine Zine. Our paypal is

Click here to purchase a digital copy for $5.

To purchase a hard copy and pick it up in person in Oakland please paypal us $10 and contact to schedule a time to pick it up. Include in the notes section: Pick up in Oakland + Ancestral Medicine Zine.Our paypal is

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