To All the Black Women I Love

Guest student post by third year Cecemmana student Tatille Jackson.

As a Black Woman, my healing journey has involved reuniting with pieces of myself that I was meant to turn my back on. With the support of plant, human, fungal, and spiritual comrades, I’ve been able to explore some of my most painful thoughts and beautiful emotions. They helped me to recognize that I was trading my authenticity for acceptability and, in the process, denying the entirety of who I am. With them, I always find my way back to a place that makes it all worth it. As a Black Woman on this Earth, I’ll always stay connected. This is a love letter to my sisters.

To All The Black Women I Love,

So, to all of you.
If I ever gave you reason to doubt my love,
please believe that it was only because I’d yet to understand that there is no difference between us.
I forgot that you are the fullest expression of me and I am your invitation to be free.
But I am remembering.

I am blessed to be made in your image.
My spine aligns when you stand.
I focus when you speak.
I inhale your sage sounds
and exhale the last layers of our healing wounds.

You make me shiver with pride.
You fit.
Left and right love.
Spirit, mind, and body love.

I stay for you.

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