Summer 2018: Plant Abun(dance)

Plants are incredible allies to help us in our physical, emotional and spiritual journeys. In this workshop, we will get to know a few herbal allies and learn about their medicinal properties, taste them, and sit with them in plant meditation to listen to the messages they may have for us.

A significant portion of the workshop will be responding to the plants through movement activities. Yes that’s right, we will be dancing with the plants! No dance experience is required, and the movement activities will be structured so that people of all abilities and ranges of motion will be able to participate. Please join us for this joyful and embodied exploration of our relationships with plants.

Rebekah Sze-Tung Olstad is passionate about building relationships and connections with nature in all its forms. She studies plant and herbal medicine at Ancestral Apothecary in Oakland, CA where she is in the third year of the Cecemmana program and is preparing to be a community herbalist. Growing up, Bekah always wanted to dance (and did, bopping around her bedroom) but didn’t step foot in a dance class until college. There she joyfully moved her body in inclusive and liberatory modern/contemporary dance classes and studied topics in dance history, theory, and dance activism. She believes dance is medicine and is so excited to offer this opportunity to combine plant and dance medicine.

Date:  Saturday July 21st

Time:  1 pm to 4 pm

Cost:  $40

Taught by Rebekah Olstad

Full payment is required to save your space in the class

Please fill out the application here:

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