Save the West Berkeley Shellmound!

Ancestral Apothecary stands in solidarity with the Ohlone people (the indigenous people of the Bay Area) in their fight to protect their sacred site from development.  Please join us in taking action now.

Here is an excerpt from their website,

“Beneath the pavement in West Berkeley dwells a cultural and historical touchstone of singular significance: the first human settlement on the shore of San Francisco Bay, established 5,000 years ago. There, at the mouth of Strawberry Creek, the ancestors of today’s Ohlone people created a unique lifeway between land and sea. For countless generations, they practiced ceremonial traditions and constructed a great mound in which they buried their dead—the West Berkeley Shellmound.

The last remaining undeveloped portion of this heritage site, held sacred by the contemporary Ohlone community, is now at risk of being obliterated by a proposed retail and housing development. The 1900 Fourth Street project would tower six stories high and excavate two acres of land for a basement parking garage. Ohlone family bands have joined together in steadfast opposition to the desecration of their sacred grounds and are leading a broadly-based community campaign to preserve the land.”

Our Ohlone sisters and brothers are calling from people from the Bay and around the 34030048_10156249675715353_5042799657185443840_oworld to take action to protect their last remaining sacred site.  This week the Berkeley City Council is deciding whether or not to go ahead with the plans for development on the Shellmound site.

Donations are needed for their legal defense fund, calls and letters are needed to Berkeley City Council members as well as CA Senator Scott Weiner.

Learn more how you can take action to protect the West Berkeley Shellmound:

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