Tarot, the Divine Twin Flame Journey & ME!

Date: 4 Fridays – Nov. 1st – Nov. 22nd

Time: 7pm – 10pm

Teacher: Oubria Tronshaw

Location: 3798 Grand Ave, Oakland, CA and local parks for herb walks.

Cost:  $200

Much like Neo’s awakening in the Matrix, the purpose of the twin flame journey is to awaken yourself to the understanding that no matter who comes into or leaves your life, you are the ONE. In this class we will learn the 78 cards of the RWS tarot in relation to ourselves first, then examine their meanings in terms of divinely guided (or not!) partnerships. 

The first portion of the course will be spent learning the Major Arcana in relation to ourselves. (You may know the Wheel of Fortune is associated with Jupiter, but do you know where Jupiter lies in your own birth chart and how it affects YOUR life? Perhaps you’ve learned the Tower card is associated with Mars but have you discovered where your Mars lies and how it powers your movements consciously & unconsciously?)

The second portion of the course will be spent learning the scenes of the minor arcana, learning how these realistic scenes actually play out in our lives, and understanding how to read, predict, navigate, transmute & maximize these energies. For instance, did you know the two of cups is Venus in Cancer…? Did you know that your actual Venus could be placed in Cancer, which means the energy of co-dependent romance could be a real manifestation in your life? Did you know the seven of pentacles is Saturn in Taurus, and that your actual Saturn could be placed in Taurus, thus manifesting the energy of restriction and fruitless waiting in your life? The tarot is a tool for self-mastery and elevation, and we’re going to learn to do just that!

The third portion of the course will focus on the storyline of the Minor Arcana, and the narrative of the twin flame journey. We will follow the Emperor & Empress all the way from the two of wands to the ten of pentacles through their dark night of the soul to illumination and unity on the other side. We will witness as all the energies conspire to break their hearts in order to heal them, to weaken them in order to strengthen them, to abandon them so that they could find themselves, to cripple them so they might learn to stand and walk on their own. Finally we will learn the energies & personalities of the court cards, and witness how these “characters” play out in each scene. 

The class will include technical as well as intuitive tarot card reading, and we will learn to follow the thread of relatable story that flows through each reading. Students will be encouraged to pair up and practice with each other, to learn their own unique reading style. 

Please click here to complete the application.

Full payment is required to save your spot in class.

To reserve your spot, please mail deposit to: Ancestral Apothecary, 3798 Grand Ave, Oakland, CA 94610. Alternatively, you may request a paypal invoice (3% finance charge).

*We are not doing payment plans at this time. If the class becomes full- we will add you to the waitlist in the order you submit your application.

Access Information:

The classroom space is located up one flight of stairs. There is an alternate entrance available for folks who need it. Please contact us at the email below with your accessibility needs.

We ask folks to come free of perfumes, scented lotions, scented detergents, essential oils, and other scented products. While we strive to keep our space free from chemical scents, we share a building with others and are located above a nail salon. As an apothecary, there is regular use of smudging and essential oils in the space. Please contact us at the email below if you have concerns.

For more information: ancestralapothecaryassistant@gmail.com

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