The Dreamer’s Path, School of Nahualismo with Sergio Magaña Ocelocoyotl​ 

Join us for the launch of Dream School with Sergio Magaña  in the US!  Ever since discovering Magaña ‘s work three years ago, we have been eagerly awaiting the day when he’d offer his Dreamer’s Path School in the US.  This is a dream come true!
Dates: Three 4-day sessions – April 14–17, July 5–8, October 13–16, 2018 with a sleep-over dreaming retreat during the October session.
Location:  Rudramandir in Berkeley, CA
The Dreamers Path School opens a magical portal to authentic practices for experiencing another reality – the eternity of dreaming, personal empowerment and a field of all possibilities. Following from Sergio’s books, The Toltec Secret Dreaming Practices of the Ancient Mexicans Caves of Power this workshop will contain some of the most magical and exciting material ever taught outside Mexico.
For more information and to register, see Valerie Neistrath’s website:
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