Not Your Colonizer’s Tea Party (for People of Color)

Date: Friday, February 28th

Time:  6pm – 8pm

Location: Ancestral Apothecary, 3798 Grand Ave, Oakland, CA

Cost:  $40

Teacher:  Avani Mody

Come hang out and learn about the magic of medicinal herbal infusions. We will taste, delight in and discuss medicinal teas. The class will be de-centering European/colonial history, and focusing on the healing wisdom, resilience and cultural innovation of people of color. The herbs that the class will focus on, will be from regions around the world including Asia, Africa and the Americas. It will be an opportunity to share stories, exchange traditions and connect with like minded folks for an evening of healing, relaxation and enjoyment. Come to celebrate yourself and community.

Click here to complete an application.

Full payment is required to save your space in a class.

Please mail check to:Ancestral Apothecary, 3798 Grand Ave, Oakland, CA 94610.Alternatively, you may request a paypal invoice (3% finance charge).

*We are not doing payment plans at this time. If the class becomes full- we will add you to the waitlist in the order you submit your application.

Access Information:

The classroom space is located up one flight of stairs. There is an alternate entrance available for folks who need it. Please contact us at the email below with your accessibility needs.

We ask folks to come free of perfumes, scented lotions, scented detergents, essential oils, and other scented products. While we strive to keep our space free from chemical scents, we share a building with others and are located above a nail salon. As an apothecary, there is regular use of smudging and essential oils in the space. Please contact us at the email below if you have concerns.

For more information:

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