The Gift of the Curander@

Dates: TBA for 2018


This year, like never before, we need to gather our energy, restore our balance and create a safe haven for our hearts. Knowledge and community will keep us nourished and ready for the many challenges we are receiving.

For centuries, indigenous ancestral Mexican medicine has treated physical, emotional and mental imbalances, restoring our spirits and recalling the soul.

This workshop is intended as a valuable tool of self-care for hard times, and to be support to our loved ones and communities. People from ALL backgrounds are welcome.

Join us for a weekend of learning, deepening and practicing Limpias (energetic spiritual cleanse), activation of altars, reconnecting with healing herbs and nature and learning the relationship between Curandersimo and the Filth goddess Tlazolteotl.

Taught by Alma Jurado.

You are welcome to attend one or both days, we offer a discount for attending both.  We’ll celebrate lunch community style, a hearty gluten free vegetable soup will be provided each day, feel free to bring salad, fruit or any other accompaniments.

People identified as men are highly encouraged to apply.


Class topics:


  • Myths and truths of Curanderismo
  • Superstition
  • Working with the 4 Directions
  • Connecting with Tlazolteotl, Aztec Goddess of Filth
  • How to work with your plant allies
  • Protection
  • Self-Limpias
  • Activation of Altars
  • Deep Grounding
  • Centering the heart
  • Spiritual connection
  • Limpias on others
  • Baths as a tool for intention and protection
  • Reuniting with our homes
  • Recovering our power as a spiritual practice.

Click here for an online application.



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