New cycle of Cecemmana starts soon!

More than ever before people need well-trained herbalists to serve and support their communities!  If you feel the call to the plants, we invite you to check out our nine-month training program that starts next week.

This year I celebrate twenty years of teaching classes in herbal medicine.  A few years after I began studying herbalism I started to teach classes out of my house in Oakland.  The first classes were on Herbal Body Care, Herbs for Women and Fun with Flower Essences.

Over the years my classes began to grow.  At first my classes were one evening or one day long; but they grew into thirteen week series as Herbal Allies and The Curandera’s Toolkit.

After several years of teaching these beginning level classes, my students began to ask for a longer, more comprehensive herbal training program.  I was hesitant at first because I knew it was a lot of work and responsibility to hold a class of students for an entire year.

I prayed and reflected on this idea. I knew it was a big project and I didn’t want to tackle it alone.  Soon, two wonderful women showed up, Kara Sigler and Elokin Orton-Cheung, who soon became my co-collaborators in creating Cecemmana.

Cecemmana is a Nahuatl word that means to sprinkle seeds on the earth.  My intention for creating Cecemmana was to train the next generation of herbalists in the Bay Area.  I wanted to teach a diverse group of students and create a classroom space for healing, transformation and community building.


Happy students processing elderberry

The first year of Cecemmana was a great success so we decided to do it again!  Classes start February 4th and goes until December.

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