Support from our Herbal Allies

In these turbulent times, when I’ve lost faith in humankind, I turn to the plants.  The plants love us unconditionally and have been helping humans since the beginning of time.  They provide us food, shelter, clothing, medicine, spiritual guidance and beauty.  They give us life every moment we breathe and take in their oxygen.

Thankfully, the plants have not given up on humanity yet.  They continue to support us on many levels.  This post is dedicated to our Herbal Allies and sharing how we can build stronger relationships with them.

What is an herbal ally?

Herbal allies are our special plant friends.  They are the herbs that we rely on the most.  They are the plants we work with regularly to keep ourselves healthy and they are the ones we turn to when times are hard.

Our herbal allies can support us in many ways; usually in the areas we need it the most.  They can nourish our physical bodies and help us maintain good health.  They can increase our energy or help us to sleep.  An herbal ally can prevent us from catching a cold or help us to recover from chronic illnesses.



Herbal allies can calm our nerves and settle our emotions.  They can help us to release sadness, anger or fear.  They can help us to love ourselves.  They can help us to forgive ourselves and to forgive others.  An herbal ally can bring comfort in times of upheaval, overwhelm, stress, heartbreak and grief.

Herbal allies can help strengthen our boundaries.  They bring protection and help us to release negative or unwanted energies. Herbal allies increase our magic.

Herbal allies can inspire us.  They can activate our creativity and increase our intuition.  They can bring dreams and visions.  They can visit us in dreams and offer healing or advice.  They can guide us and teach us lessons.

Any medicinal plant can be an herbal ally.  To name a few: chamomile, elder, rose, ginger, rosemary, skullcap, ashwaganda, lemon balm or yarrow.



How do I find my herbal ally?

Open your eyes and open your heart!  What plants are growing around you?  What plants to you feel drawn to?  What plants do you love to use when you cook?  What plants make you feel good when you take them?  What plants are you dreaming of?  What plants did your ancestors use?

Sometimes you do not choose your herbal ally but your herbal ally chooses you.  Learn to listen to your intuition and open yourself to the quiet whispers of the plants.  Sit still.  Be quiet.

We all have many herbal allies.  Like our circle of human friends, we have a community of herbal allies in our life.  Our herbal allies work together to support us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.    Today, as we approach the new era of humanity which the ancient Mexicans call the Sixth Sun, all herbal allies are collectively assisting the evolution of human consciousness.



How to I build a relationship with my herbal ally?

Engage with your herbal ally!  Make all kinds of herbal medicine with your ally: tea, tincture, oil, salve or cordial.  Bathe with your ally.  Cook with your ally.  Cultivate your ally in your garden.  Spend time with your ally in nature.  Take small doses of your ally and meditate with it.  Bring your ally to bed and dream with it.

Talk to your herbal ally.  Ask it questions about its medicine.  Ask it to help you heal.  Be specific.  Ask what it needs from you.  Listen.

Give thanks to your herbal ally!  Give offerings to your ally and let it know how much you love and appreciate it in your life.  Write poetry about your ally.  Make art inspired by your ally.  Praise your ally with music, song and dance.

Who is your herbal ally?

What plants have helped you, healed you, guided you, taught you?


Author AtavaAtava Garcia Swiecicki, MA, RH (AHG) is the founder of Ancestral Apothecary and loves to connect people to plants for their healing and empowerment.  She sees clients in Oakland as clinical herbalist and flower essence practitioner and teachers many classes here at Ancestral Apothecary .  Her website is


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