Cecemmana Year 2: Deepening Roots, 2019


Cecemmana Year Two: Deepening our Herbal Roots

Year Two of Cecemmana is to help students build a deeper connection to the plants and to their ancestral medicine practices.  Our intention is to support each person’s self-healing journey while building an energetic foundation to walk in the world as a healer.  Students will strengthen their skills to use herbal medicine to support themselves, their families and their friends.

Students who complete this year will be able to work as herbal gardeners, medicine makers, product makers, teachers, and community health advocates.

This is not a clinical herbal training program, but it is a good foundation for those who wish to pursue becoming a professional clinical herbalist.   The American Herbalist Guild requires 1600 hours to become a Registered Herbalist and all class hours at Ancestral Apothecary can be counted towards these hours.

Ancestral Apothecary does not offer clinical herbalist training at this time.  If you wish to find a clinical school in your area, check out the American’ Herbalist Guild’s list of herbal schools or here to see a guide to getting an herbal education.

Dates:  Wednesdays from 4pm – 7pm and first Sunday of each month, starting March 6th 2019

Core teachers: Atava Garcia Swiecicki, Tracey Brieger, Elokin Orton-Cheung

Cost: $3250

Class hours:  200 hours

  • 180 supervised hours:
    •  class time hours
    •  small group apprenticeship hours
    • 26 field trip hours
  • 20 volunteer hours

Topics covered:

  • Advanced materia medica
  • Advanced medicine making
  • Herbal case studies
  • Small group apprenticeship
  • Herbal gardening
  • Field trips and plant ID
  • Ancestral medicine research
  • Decolonization and healing
  • Community service
  • Herbal product development
  • Aromatherapy
  • Cross-cultural herbalism

Prerequisite:  *For Students who have completed/in progress with Year 1 Cecemmana Program (Fundamentals of Herbal Medicine) or an equivalent 1st year herbal medicine program from a different school.

For more info, contact:  ancestralapothecaryassistant@gmail.com

Locations: Ancestral Apothecary office; home office & garden; out in the field; community gardens.

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