Cecemmana Year 2: Therapeutic Herbalism, 2019


Cecemmana Year Two: Therapeutic Herbalism Training


Year two of Cecemmana is to prepare students for clinical practice as herbalist.  This is a continuation of Cecemmana Year One and focuses on herbal therapeutics, case studies and practitioner skills.

Dates:  TBA, Monday daytime class, starting February 2019

Core teachers: Atava Garcia Swiecicki, Tracey Brieger, Elokin Orton-Cheung

Cost: $4250 (includes materials fee)

Class hours:  325

  • 250 supervised hours:
    • 173 class time hours
    • 27 small group apprenticeship hours
    • 50 field trip hours
  • 25 volunteer hours
  • 50 homework hours

Topics covered:

  • Advanced materia medica
  • Advanced medicine making
  • Herbal case studies
  • Practitioner skills
  • Pulse and Tongue diagnosis
  • Small group apprenticeship
  • Herbal gardening
  • Field trips and plant ID
  • Ancestral medicine research
  • Community service
  • Aromatherapy
  • Cross-cultural herbalism

Prerequisite:  *For Students who have completed/in progress with Year 1 Cecemmana Program (Fundamentals of Herbal Medicine) or an equivalent 1st year herbal medicine program from a different school.

For more info, contact:  school@ancestralapothecary.com

Click here for online application.

Locations: Ancestral Apothecary office; home office & garden; out in the field; community gardens.

Application and $500 deposit due by 12/14/16
Early bird special: pay in full by 1/1/17 and receive $100 discount.

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