Healing Dreams

Next month we are offering a nine-week class called Dreamwork as a Spiritual and Healing Practice.  This is a space dedicated to exploring our dream landscapes and sharing dreams with others for personal and collective healing.

The group will be facilitated by Atava Garcia Swiecicki and Indigo Som.

Here’s some background on Atava and her healing dreaming practice:

Throughout my life, my dreams have been my healing allies and guides. First and foremost, they have helped me to understand myself.  In my dreams, I have explored and become acquainted with my internal landscape, the world of my unconscious. Here I have encounter my shadow and faced the aires[1] I am carrying, like the old winds of anger, jealousy, fear or resentment. However, hidden in the darkness of the dream world are also many spiritual and healing gifts.

My dreams have brought me much healing. Plant allies have appeared in my dreams; sometimes as a prescription for what is ailing in my body.   Other times a plant will appear to teach me something about how to work with its medicine.

Sometimes my dreams have directly healed me. For example, once I became lucid in a dream and was able to focus healing energy towards my injured shoulder.

My dreams have carried me to the future and to the past. I have dreamed of my ancestors long dead. I have dreamed of events happening before they occur.

I have been listening to my dreams for my entire life.   This was a practice that came to me intuitively.  I can still recall a strong dream I had when I was about eight years old, which sent me to the library to do research on dreams.  Nobody in my family taught me about dreams; yet over decades of observing my dreams, my dreams have become my teachers.

When I was in graduate school I met my first mentor of dreaming.  Dr. Apela Colorado, founder of the Worldwide Indigenous Science Network, taught me that dreams were messages from the ancestors and the spiritual world.  At this time I also began working with dream counselor Karen Jaenke, PhD.

More recently, through the work of Mexican maestro Sergio Magana, I discovered that Mexico has a rich and ancient tradition of dreaming. The ancient Mexicans understood that we have different energetic bodies that operate when we are awake or when we are asleep: the tonal and the nahual.

In Dreamwork as a Spiritual and Healing Practice, you will learn about dream incubation, healing dreams, ancestral dreams, and prophetic dreams.  We’ll be creatively working with our dreams with art, ritual and tarot.  We will meet plant and gemstone allies that help to activate and enhance our dreams.

I am excited to c0-facilitate this dream group with Indigo.  Indigo and I have been sharing our dreams with one another for many years.  We both bring a different set of offerings to the space.  I hope you can join us!


[1] Los aires, or the cosmic winds are the thirteen sacred energies that can inhabit our energy bodies.

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