Tips to Connect to your Dream Medicine

By Atava Garcia Swiecicki, MA, RH (AGH)

Moon image from Wikmedia Commons, courtesy of Luc Viatour /

Our healing gifts and talents are not limited to what we do while we are awake.  Every night, each of us has a chance to tune into our dreams and develop our capacity to be a dreamer.  Everyone’s dream medicine is unique.  Some people are exceptionally skilled lucid dreamers.  Some dreamers are gifted at seeing  the future.  Some dreamers receive inspiration for works of art  while others receive instructions for healing remedies with plants.

Everyone has a different kind of dream medicine, yet many of us are unaware of what kind of dream medicine we carry.

Starting in October 2016, we will be offering a nine week workshop called Dreamwork as a Spiritual and Healing Practice.  Here are some tips for people beginning to connect with their dreams as a healing resource.

1.    Set your intention to discover your dream medicine.

As my friend, curandera Maria Miranda says “where intention goes, energy flows.”

2.    Pay attention to your dreams.

They are your friends, your guides, your teachers, your healers, your therapist, your spiritual counselors, and your own personal research project.

3.    Record your dreams

Keep a dream journal, pen and small flashlight next to your bed.  If you feel too sleepy to write the entire dream, try jotting down a small fragment of the dream.  In the morning this fragment will jog your memory and you probably will be able to recall the entire dream.

Both art and poetry are also great ways to record your dreams.  Some people prefer to use their phones to make an audio recording of their dreams

4.    Honor your dreams.

Dreams offer healing but you must listen and take action in the waking world to fully manifest their healing potential.  To do this, your dreams may require action, reflection, prayer, meditation or ritual.

4.    Follow your heart.

As an herbalist, I am enthusiastic about plants, so naturally my own dream medicine would evolve around working with plants.  You may be particularly drawn to animals, birds, stones, trees, art, or music.   Pay attention to how these energies manifest in your dream life and how your dream life informs your relationship to them in the waking world.

5.    Don’t try too hard.  Notice what comes easily to you.

Our dream medicine is part of our innate gifts.  Often these gifts are so natural to us that we don’t even recognize them.

6.    Share dreams with others, but don’t compare yourself to other dreamers!

Just like each of us has different talents and gifts in waking life, each of us also has our own unique dream gifts.   Sometimes our friends can help us to see our gifts.

In community dreamwork, I’ve noticed that each dreamer holds a different piece of the bigger dream picture and each piece is equally valid and important.

7.    Be patient and enjoy the process!

For many of us, our dream medicine evolves slowly over time.  Like all other talents and skills, it takes time to recognize and develop.

For me, working with my dreams has been engaging, magical, creative, empowering, educational, healing, deeply insightful, and most of all, fun!  I wish the same for you as you discover and develop your own dream medicine


This is an excerpt from a longer post I wrote for the Dream Tribe.  Click here to see the entire post.

Atava Garcia Swiecicki, MA, RH (AHG) is the founder of Ancestral Apothecary.  She loves exploring the mysterious, magical and healing world of dreams.   She facilitates healing dreamwork session with individuals in Oakland and around the world via Skype.  She especially loves sharing dreams in dream group.  Her website is



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