Featured Class: Herbal Allies

Over ten years ago, I developed the first version of Herbal Allies with a class called Plants as Spiritual Allies.  Modern herbalism often focuses on the physical healing qualities of plants and I wanted to create an herbal class that gave space to learning the emotional and spiritual healing properties of plants.

From an indigenous science perspective, plants are not only alive, but they also have spirit and intelligence.  As modern people, we have much to learn from our plant relatives.  The first step for many of us is learning how to listen to the plants.  They communicate in subtle ways, conveying messages through our dreams and our intuition.

In the Herbal Allies class we learn to listen to how the plants speak in our bodies when we take them.  Sometimes the plants will communicate in words or symbols; sometimes they move our emotions; sometimes they activate sensation in our bodies.

Herbal Allies is space dedicated to building our relationship with our plant allies.  Each week in class we will not only learn information about the plants, but we will also have a chance to sit and meditate with the plants.   In this way, each student receives direct information from the plants themselves.  The plants become all of our teachers.

One of the core assignments of the Herbal Allies class is for each student to study one plant in depth.  Students will immerse themselves in the medicine of their herbal ally; they will take it as tea or tincture, meditate with it, dream with it, bathe with it, cook with it, and much more.  At the end of the class students will present to the class about their herbal ally.

Herbal Allies is taught by a trio of great herbalists and teachers: Kara Sigler, Elokin Orton-Cheung and Tracy Brieger.  You can read more about our great teachers on the faculty page of our website.

The Herbal Allies class is also a great way to get started studying herbal medicine before making a longer term commitment to our nine-month Cecemmana program.  We still have spaces available in class; so contact us to sign up now!

Herbal Allies Class Page

Ancestral Apothecary Class Application

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