Curanderismo immersion in Oaxaca, Mexico!

Coming up soon, in January of 2016, we will be holding our third curanderismo workshop in Oaxaca, Mexico.   This is a very special opportunity to be immersed in the medicina tradicional, the traditional medicine of Mexico.  This workshop is led by esteemed Mexican curandera, and author of Nuestra Medicina, Estela Roman, and Atava Garcia Swiecicki from Ancestral Apothecary.   We will also spend time with well loved elder curandera and midwife Dona Enriqueta Contreras.  

We have a few spaces left for our workshop, so please contact us for an application.

12 Comments on “Curanderismo immersion in Oaxaca, Mexico!

  1. Oh, my god!! I just found you, and I realize you wrote this some time ago, but I’m so excited, I had to come comment on it.

    I’ve been guided to be a healer, and I’m originally from Chihuahua, so I’ve been looking for ways to learn curanderismo. Thank you so much for this blog!


    • Thanks Juana! Where do you live right now? We might be able to refer you to some curanderismo teachers in your area.


  2. Hi Juana. I don’t know of anyone in Nevada, but if you’re willing to travel there’s a great two week curanderimso class at the University of New Mexico in July.


  3. Are you classes in Spanish or English? I want to relocate to Mexico to continue my learning. No Spanish.


    • Hi! Our classes are bilingual Spanish & English. Spanish is translated for English speakers and vice versa.


  4. Greetings. My name ise Cielo Burbano. I suffer anxiety
    I have tried everything to cure my self. I have read that in Oaxaca o exist good and reliable persons

    Please give me some Guide to do my travel. I dont know exactly. Where todo go. If the process needs 4 days, how much money. ShoulD i get
    Please answer soon. Thanks


    • Dear Cielo, I am sorry to hear that you are suffering from anxiety. There are many good curanderos in Oaxaca. I would suggest looking up Dona Enriqueta Contereas or Don Lurencio Lopez. I do not know how much their treatments will cost or how long they will be but I think a session would be about $50-$60 USD. Good luck!


  5. I live in AZ. I am interested in immersion programs on curandismo. I heard about your retreat in 2018 too late. I love that the classes are bilingual. I have been practicing my Spanish for 4 years. My private practice email is: Tell me more!


  6. Hola! I will be in Rio Verde San Luis Potosi, Mexico very soon. Do you have any curander@s in that area?


  7. Hello! I am interested in studying/apprenticing with Dona Enriqueta Contreras Contreras in Oaxaca. I know the Curanderismo Immersion program is currently not running. I live in Southern California & I am a practicing herbalist. My community is interested in supporting me so I can go back to my homeland in Mexico to study curandersimo. Would you be able to offer some guidance?


    • Hi! I found your email on your website and just emailed you some information. : )

      Actually, the email bounced. Can you please email me at I don’t want to give out personal emails on the website.


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