Francine Madrid

My path to this work began as a child in the kitchens, gardens and living rooms of my Grandmothers. I would sit and listen quietly as they exchanged old stories, remedios (herbal remedies), took care of grandbabies and doled out advice.

When I had my own children, the wise words of my Grandmothers came back to me. I went on to formally study massage and body work, herbalism and birth; and what I found was that all of these practices are intricately and beautifully woven together within my own ancestral knowledge.

Bodyworker/Sobadora, Herbalist/Yerbera, Full Spectrum Midwife/Partera 

I am a traditional community health worker in the Native & Xicana tradition. My work is with people as they are being born, childhood, teen years, adulthood and as they are dying. It’s an honor and a blessing to do this work and continue the legacy of our ancestors.

With gratitude, I thank my teachers and elders for the opportunity to walk this ancient path.

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