Myrna Cabán Lezcano

Myrna Cabán Lezcano is a queer Boricua herbalist, educator, and cultural organizer. She grew up eating mangos and being doused in Agua Florida.  Her abuelxs inspired her to connect to Spirit and healing by growing gandules, raising chickens, making dream-based predictions, and singing spontaneous songs. Her parents and ancestors, for at least 5 generations, are from Borikén. Myrna honors her ancestors’ practices through Flor y Machete.

Myrna studied Spiritual Herbalism with Karen Rose through Sacred Vibes Apothecary’s Apprentice Program.  She completed a year-long yoga & healer training with Catherine Calderon, founder of Shambhala Yoga & Dance as well as Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s Urban Gardener program. In 2014, as she was moving through her own healing journey, she couldn’t find public and accessible healing spaces led by Boricuas/QTIPOC folks. So she founded Casitas Wisdom, a poc/qtpoc healing arts collective that honors the legacy of NYC garden casitas and the wisdom of our peoples by offering free to low-cost workshops in a variety of healing modalities.  Since 2012, Myrna has been returning to Borikén (Puerto Rico) to heal, learn from the land, connect with her people and provide healing medicine.

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