Caro Acuña -Olvera

My body identity is Carolina “Caro” Acuña -Olvera and I am a Queer Afro Xicana Music Medicine human. Music and sound is my souls medicine, meaning my soul resonates with the vibrations and the nature of sound and music internally and externally. Music and sound are two different things and I have used both for ceremonies with others, in my ceremonies as a death doula and as a daily practice to commune with my ancestors and my true nature. In addition I am a professional musician, music producer, music mentor, composer and arranger. I create soundscapes and collaborate with dancers and other artists engaging in creative projects from recordings to stage productions. I approach my medicine from a spiritual place not as an “entertainer/ performer.”

I reject being a performer, but rather, I am a Music Medicine person and when I am in my medicine in front of others, people are witnessing where I am in that moment.My intention is to get out of my way (ego and brain) and let music and sound move me….that I am being played as an instrument by the forces that be. I am decolonizing sound and music and holding it in the palm of my heart as one of human beings first medicines. Maintaining the oral tradition has been deeply important to me and through decolonizing, sound and music I hold the oral tradition up high to the moon and the cosmos. I am not only a survivor of sexual child abuse but I have found my internal power through my ancestors to become a gentle warrior and continue to heal and liberate myself through generational trauma and breast cancer using ancient medicine practices through music and sound as well as other ancient medicines. The music of laughter is one of my favorite sounds and being playful is part of being a music medicine person.

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