Batul True Heart


Batul True Heart (they/them) is a Yo’eme (Yaqui), Native Mexican-American, and Panamanian-American (of Indigenous, African, Spanish & English descent) Queer and Two-Spirit community herbalist, medicine maker, caregiver, and death doula. On their lifelong journey of uncovering ancestral roots, and all the trauma their ancestors both endured and enacted, Batul walks a healing road reclaiming the truth of who they are by (re)connecting with their ancestors, (re)learning ceremonies and everyday cultural practices, (re)membering languages, and making relations with the medicine of the plants. For the past 5 years Batul has been teaching the Curanderx’s Toolkit class at Ancestral Apothecary on Occupied Ohlone land (Huichin), aka Oakland, CA and last fall Batul offered their first solo online course Aires Fuerte, a 9-week exploration of the 13 emotional winds, and how to keep them moving. Batul is also an educator, speaker, and writer on the topics of ancestral reclamation, resolution, and cultural responsibility. Batul’s life work is to usher and support people in general, and people of color and Queer folks in particular, to return to their ancestral roots, and to nature, in order to be who they truly are.

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