Batul True Heart

Batul True Heart is a queer, two-spirit, Indigenous and mixed (Yaqui/Panamanian/Spanish) Curanderismo practitioner, prayer person, and medicine maker with an emphasis on moving stuck emotional winds or “aires.” She has been walking the red road as a member of the Native American Church for 11 years and currently holds the position of Chief Organizer for the Hawk and Bear Warrior Society of the Native American Church.

Batul is a studying to be a registered herbalist and is currently enrolled in the Cecemmana herbal program at Ancestral Apothecary.  Much of her career has focused on educating people to utilize real and traditional foods as medicine and she holds a degree in the culinary arts with an emphasis on health and nutrition.

In her curandera practice, Batul provides compassionate heart-to-heart counseling, offers healing flower baths, gives personal limpias (spiritual cleanses), facilitates ceremonial house limpias (energetic space cleanses), and offers her line of herbal medicine, Maaso Medicina.

Batul is an organic gardener, a painter, an embroiderer, and a song carrier, but most of all she is a True Heart that walks in her life with integrity and truth.  She lives in Oakland, Ca with her partner of 7 years and is an active community member trained as a People’s Community Medic. She is also on the organizing staff of the Women of Color Herbal Symposium.

Batul is honored to teach Curandera’s Toolkit, sharing the traditional healing methods of her ancestors from the American Southwest and Mexico.

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