Eleanor Barron Druckrey

Eleanor Barron Druckrey (Ellie) has been a student of dreams for most of her life, having kept a dream journal since 1976 when she graduated from Cal Berkeley where she began working with families having a member in medical crisis and/or facing death and dying.. Her career as a psychologist has been working in Bay Area schools as a psycho-educational consultant with students at risk for failing. She is the author of two books, Corn Woman Sings: A Medicine Woman’s Dream Map, and A Dream Map to the Sixth Sun: Restoring Harmony and Balance to Our Lives, in which she delves into her dream journals and compares them with the Mesoamerican Dream Traditions and finds threads to the topics of the Ancestors, Destiny, Shape Shifting, Creativity and Multidimensional realities. Her aspirations are to assist people in finding Harmony and Balance by utilizing their creativity in the promptings of their dreams and sharing the Age-old Wisdom of the Mexican cultures with their loved ones. She attained her doctorate in clinical psychology at the Center for Psychological Studies
in Albany, CA. in 2001.

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