Oubria Tronshaw

Oubria Tronshaw is a native of Chicago; however she and her children moved to the Bay area 3 years ago when California stole her heart. She holds both Bachelor’s & Master’s degrees in Creative Writing, and was as shocked as anyone when her literary talents leaned into tarot. To increase representation in the field (because representation matters!), she along with the artist Julia Goolsby created the Melanated Classic Tarot, a melanated version of the traditional Rider Waite Smith deck. Oubria believes the tarot should be told as a story, and its always easier to understand a story when the story-teller looks and sounds like you. Oubria is also a twin flame, and answers this call to teach tarot as a divine assignment. You can read tarot messages & more from Oubria at her website, oubria.com

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