Margarita Camarena

Margarita is a certified and licensed Massage and Craniosacral Therapist. She practices Curanderismo in combination with other ancient healing practices. Margarita Camarena was born in Mexico City growing up with the traditional medicine through her grandmothers and the elders in her family. She migrated to California as a child after the Mexico City Earthquake of 1985. She holds a BA in Art and a BS in Environmental Design from UC Davis. Margarita was the art director of several mural projects in the city of Woodland. Through these projects Margarita involved the at-risk children and teenagers to beautify their communities by embracing their heritage and ancestral roots. The result was, healing of the communities with, pride, self love and appreciation and 75 percent less crime. These projects led Margarita into diving deeper into the healing arts. Today, she has a thriving healing practice under the title of Multidimensional Bodywork and Traditional Healing Arts since 2009. She is an active educator at the San Francisco School of Massage and Bodywork in San Francisco and offers Curanderismo, Reiki and Medicinal Astrologer classes at her private practice.

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